Back pain is recognized worldwide as the leading cause of disability. Back pain can originate from a multitude of different areas of the body. From muscle pulls and disc degeneration, to strains, arthritis, and improper weight distribution, it is vital to understand and treat what causes the pain. Our expert team of providers will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to best determine the exact cause of your back pain, and design a personalized care plan just for you.

What is back pain?

Back pain is a common condition characterized by any discomfort or pain in the back. Frequently in the middle, upper, and particularly lower regions of the spine. Your spine is a complex structure comprising vertebrae, discs, ligaments, muscles, and nerves, and any disruption or damage to these components can result in back pain. This type of pain can occur in various regions of the back. Lower back pain, or your lumbar region, is the most prevalent and may radiate into the hips, buttocks, or legs. Middle back pain, or your thoracic region, affects the area between the shoulder blades. Upper back pain, or your cervical region, typically occurs in the neck and upper shoulder area.  Back pain can be categorized into two types of pain. The first being acute pain, othwerwise known as short term pain often associated with injury, strain, or muscle spasm, and the second being Chronic pain, defined as persistant or recurring pain lasting for more than three months, commonly due to medical conditions such as arthritis, herniated discs, or structural issues.

What are some symptoms back pain causes?

Back pain symptoms differ in location, cause, and severity. Commonly known symptoms include:

– Dull, aching, sharp, or burning pain in the back.

– Numbness, tingling, or weakness that may radiate down into the buttocks and the legs.

– Muscle stiffness and reduced flexibility.

– Pain that worsens with movement, bending, lifting, or prolonged sitting/standing.

– Numbness or weakness that my spread into the arms or hands, as well as down to the feet and toes

Back pain can significantly impact daily life and functionality, and if you’re experiencing any these symptoms, then your back pain may result from conditions that are degenerative in nature. Seeking timely medical evaluation and appropriate treatment can aid in managing and alleviating back pain, improving quality of life for individuals affected by this condition. The experts here at Argonne Integrative Medicine specialize in the treatment of degenerative back conditions and create personalized care plans to mitigate your pain and improve your spinal health.


Chiropractic care

– Trigger point injections

– Massage Therapy

– Physical Therapy